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Root Canal Therapy | Allentown

McKenna Dental strives to save a damaged tooth whenever we can. One common tooth-saving procedure we perform is root canal therapy. This is performed when the inner portion of the tooth - dental pulp - becomes infected or damaged. 

Dental pulp, located within each tooth, supplies teeth with nutrients and nerves; however, if it becomes infected or damaged, it can compromise the health of your entire tooth. Root canal therapy saves your tooth by removing damaged / infected inner dental pulp, which is then refilled with special dental materials. 

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Dental Crowns & Bridges | Allentown 18104 

Dental crowns improve your oral health by protecting your natural teeth from damage. They can be made from porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal and all-metal (IE A gold tooth)

For dental caps (crowns), two or more visits are required: During your first visit, the decayed or damaged portions of your damaged tooth are removed and then your tooth is prepared. An impression is then taken, which will be used to construct your permanent crown. You will be placed with a temporary crown and we will schedule a follow up appointment, while the lab fabricates your custom crown. Once your permanent crown is ready, you will return to our office So that we may remove the temporary crown and replace it with your permanent crown.

Dental Bridges – Allentown, PA | Replace 1 or More Missing Teeth, Without Surgery

Bridges are a great way to replace your missing teeth. Consisting of one or more artificial teeth that stay in place, a dental bridge uses natural, neighbouring teeth (surrounding the gap.), as support. Bridges are aesthetically pleasing and more stable, compared with conventional dentures.

Prior to having your bridge placed, your teeth will have to be prepared and filed down. An impression of your teeth will be taken to create your dental bridge. In the mean time, you will be placed with a temporary bridge until your permanent one is ready. 

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Tooth Removal | Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Allentown, 18104

A tooth extraction should only occur when your dentist absolutely needs to remove a tooth from its gum socket for your health and safety. Because the procedure is considered invasive, it is only performed when completely necessary, such as when a tooth can’t be salvaged, due to infection. 

A tooth extraction may be required for a number of reasons:

•    If a tooth becomes severely infected, and cannot be preserved
•    A baby tooth is preventing another tooth from erupting (growing out).
•    An impacted wisdom tooth is causing pain or potential complications

Before a tooth is removed, an x-ray is taken and your oral and medical history are reviewed. Depending on the patient and procedure, antibiotics may be given. A local anesthetic is administered to ensure you won’t feel pain. 

Once a tooth is removed, it is recommended that you replace it to minimize future complications. Mild discomfort is to be expected, so taking a pain killer often helps. Dr. McKenna will give you post-surgical instructions to help you care for your mouth while it heals.

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