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Conscious Sedation Dentistry
Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Conscious Sedation Dentistry | Allentown, PA. 18104

If you’re feeling nervous, McKenna Dental offers several modes of sedation dentistry to help us make your visit as comfortable as possible. Conscious sedation can refer to a few types of sedation, including:

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation can help patients to relax, especially if they are feeling anxious. It’s also useful for more complicated, or longer procedures. The patient will have to swallow an oral sedative, with water, an hour before their procedure. By the time they arrive, the sedative’s effects will be felt, and the patient will be free from worries. Another advantage includes the fact that the patient will be more docile and will not react as much, physically.

IV Conscious Sedation

Unlike oral conscious sedation - which is taken orally - IV conscious sedation is given via IV. For this reason, the effects are felt more quickly, putting you under a ‘twilight’ state during your procedure. When under, you are completely relaxed and are unlikely to feel discomfort. Because IV sedation has stronger sedative effects, you may have difficulties remembering parts of your procedure. 

Nitrous Oxide | Laughing Gas – 18104, Allentown, PA

Nitrous Oxide is administered via a facemask. A combination of nitrous oxide, along with oxygen, is inhaled through the mask, which puts you in a relaxed state within just a few minutes. The effects generally wear off quite quickly following your procedure – enough so that you will be able to drive yourself back home.

Depending on your needs and the type of procedure involved, Dr. McKenna will help you choose an appropriate sedation method. Contact McKenna Dental for more information. Alternatively, you may request an appointment with us here.